Annual School Donation


Why do we need your donation?

Schools in New Zealand are funded on a per-pupil basis. This is a set figure across the
country and based on the equity index allocated to the schools area, in our case we have an equity index of 363, meaning we receive less funding than high equity index schools across the country. This gives us our budget for the day to day running of the school, including the cost of office staff,
administration, some teacher aides, and a caretaker, as well as paying for heat, power, light
and water.

The amount funded by the Government to us as a low equity index school is significantly less than
the actual cost of running our school. While we have tremendous support through the
tireless fundraising of FONS, to continue to run our school at the expected level we still need
your help!

This year (2024) the donation requested is $330 per pupil.

Traditionally 80% of our NPS families choose to pay the donation each year. A big thank
you to all those who’ve already paid so promptly this year.

By having as many families as possible pay the school donation this significantly improves
the resources we can provide on a day to day basis and ensures that we can provide more
opportunities for our learners to flourish, achieve their full potential and enjoy their primary
school years.

Examples of how we use the donation include, but are not limited to;
• Additional teacher resourcing, to allow release time for our teachers to carry out
professional development
• In-class teacher aides to support for those with additional learning needs
• All classroom resources that assist with teaching and learning in the classroom
• Sports and outdoor equipment, including the scooter/ bike track
• All consumables – including paper, toilet paper and soap, tissues, first aid supplies
and printing

As an added bonus, if you pay your donation before the end of the financial year – March
31st 2023, then you are eligible to claim a rebate from the IRD.

A huge thank you in advance from the Board, Leadership Team, staff and in particular, our
learners, who all really appreciate your contribution to continue to make NPS the fantastic
school that it is.