Absences and Health


If your child is absent or late for any reason please contact the School Office before 9.00am. The office can be reached by phone (09 480 7376) or a message left on the answer phone at any time. Please clearly state your child’s name, room number and reason for absence. If a child is absent and we have not been notified, we follow up with a phone call to ensure that your child is safe.

The Principal should be informed of any planned absences (e.g. holidays) by a brief note of explanation.

If children arrive at school late, they must be signed in at the office. Our day begins at 8.55am and children should be at school earlier to allow themselves to settle and prepare for the day. Late arrivals are disruptive to the learning of all children in the class. If a child needs to leave school early, they must also be signed out at the office by an adult.

Health and First Aid

Minor injuries that occur at school are handled by our talented office staff or our Principal, all of whom undertake regular First Aid training. In the event of an injury, parents are contacted at the earliest opportunity. Until a parent is able to assume responsibility for the situation, it is the Principal’s role to take any necessary action in terms of seeking medical attention.

If a child feels unwell at school, we will generally contact the parents to take them home. Particular care should be taken with infection diseases, such as the flu, sores, chickenpox or measles as these can spread rapidly in a school. It is far better for your child to remain at home for a longer period of time to prevent passing the condition on.

Should anyone require a referral or to make contact with a Public Health Nurse or Community Health Services who undertake regular vision & hearing checks in the School, this can be arranged through the office.

Sun Sense

We strongly encourage all children to wear sun screen during the summer months and we have a ‘No Hat, No Play’ policy where children must be in a shaded area if they do not have a hat. It is a good idea for your child to have a named hat that they can keep at school at all times and sun block in their bags to apply during the day. Sun sense is a regular feature in our Health programme.